1998 Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe Series - 5 String

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5 String 

Color: Black

S/N MN8113593

The Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe Series, particularly the 5-string version released in 1998, is an evolution of Fender's iconic Jazz Bass design. The Jazz Bass Deluxe models typically feature a sleek and comfortable contoured body, often made of ash or alder, and a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood or maple fingerboard. 

The 5-string variant extends the traditional 4-string Jazz Bass design by adding a low B string, providing bassists with expanded range and versatility. This extra string enables players to access lower notes without sacrificing the classic Jazz Bass sound.

The Deluxe Series is known for incorporating high-quality components and enhanced features such as active electronics, allowing for a wider range of tonal options compared to the standard Jazz Bass models. These basses are popular among bassists across various genres for their comfortable playability, versatile sound, and reliable performance.