Cigar Box Electric Bass - 3-String

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A cigar box electric bass is a unique and unconventional type of bass guitar that's made from a cigar box or a similar wooden container. These instruments are typically handmade by musicians or luthiers, often as DIY projects or custom creations. Here's what you might expect from a cigar box electric bass:

1. Cigar Box Body: The body of the bass is crafted from a wooden cigar box, which gives it a distinctive and rustic appearance. Some builders may also use other types of wooden boxes or containers, but the classic choice is a cigar box due to its size and shape.

2. Simplified Construction: Cigar box basses often feature simplified construction compared to traditional bass guitars. They may have fewer components and a more straightforward design, making them accessible for amateur builders and players.

3. Minimalist Hardware: Due to their DIY nature, cigar box basses typically have minimalist hardware, including simple bridges, pickups, and tuners. Some builders may repurpose or salvage hardware from other instruments or sources to keep costs down.

4. Customization Options: One of the appeals of cigar box basses is the opportunity for customization. Builders and players can personalize their instruments with unique finishes, hardware choices, and other modifications to suit their preferences and style.

5. Unique Sound: Cigar box basses often have a distinctive and raw sound character. The combination of the wooden box body, simple construction, and unconventional components can result in a unique tone that's different from traditional bass guitars.

6.  DIY Spirit: Building or playing a cigar box bass embodies a DIY ethos and a sense of creativity and experimentation. Many players enjoy the hands-on process of building their own instruments or exploring the unique sonic possibilities of these unconventional basses.

Overall, a cigar box electric bass offers a creative and unconventional option for bassists looking for something different from the standard bass guitar experience. Whether built from scratch or purchased from a custom builder, these instruments offer a unique blend of craftsmanship, customization, and character.